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The Wikicast is a podcast hosted by Simon Clark and Daniel Maw. Fortnightly, Wikipedia takes them to a random article. They will talk about the topic very briefly before going on a series of tangents. They also have various so-called 'Corners' where they will transition into a focused topic, be it reviews (Critics Corner) or helping out fans (Crisis Corner) and Correspondence Corner with reader feedback. Fans are called 'readers' and will often split up into 2 separate 'churches': The Church of Clarktholicism and the Church of Mawmonism. The two groups will often argue over which pet is superior - cats vs dogs - and how to pronounce 'poll' - pol or pole.

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Simon Clark

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To Do Calculate

The Night of February 17th

Bass One Beer Mile

Mr Maw's Forehead

Taha Khan

‎Chinese Fireball. OoooooOOOooooooh

Pixel Girl

Dr Clark's Thesis Beard

The Time Traveller with the Extraordinarily Big Forehead





The Night of March 10th 

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